The CSS -ms-text-underline-position Microsoft extension property specifies the default position of the underline which is set using the CSS text-decoration:underline;.


  • auto - Default. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later. Decoration appears above the text if the lang attribute is set to ja, which is the language code abbreviation for the Japanese language, and the -ms-writing-mode attribute is set to tb-rl, which causes vertical inline text progression. If not, the decoration appears below the text.
  • auto-pos - Internet Explorer 6 and later. Identical to auto.
  • below - Decoration appears below the text.
  • above - Decoration appears above the text.

HTML example:

<span style="text-decoration:underline; -ms-text-underline-position:below;">TEXT</span>

CSS example:

h1 {

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