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Web accessibility is the goal of making web pages easier to navigate and read. While this is primarily intended to assist those with disabilities, it can be helpful to all readers.

Article structure

Lead section

The lead section may contain optional elements presented in the following order: disambiguation links (dablinks), maintenance tags, infoboxes, images, navigational boxes (navigational templates), introductory text, and table of contents, moving to the heading of the first section.


Headings should be descriptive and in a consistent order (See also—References—Further reading—External links).

Headings should be nested sequentially, starting with level 2 (==), then level 3 (===) and so on (level 1 is not used, as this is the auto-generated page title), neither using random heading levels (e.g. selected for emphasis, which is not the purpose of headings), nor skipping parts of the sequence.

Heading use (and misuse) examples
Correct Random/chaotic Skipping levels

[Article lead here]
==Section== [level 2]
===Sub-section=== [3]
==Section== [2]
===Sub-section=== [3]
====Sub-sub-section==== [4]
==Section== [2]

[Article lead here]
====Section?==== [4]
===Section?=== [3]
==Section?== [2]
==Section?== [2]
====Section?==== [4]
===Section?=== [2]

[Article lead here]
[Level-2 section missing here]
===Section?=== [3]
==Section== [2]
[Level-3 sub-section missing here]
====Sub-section?==== [4]
==Section== [2]

Section structure

As explained above for the lead section, each section should have a specific structure:

== Foo bars ==
{{main|Foo bar}}

[[Image:...|Typical Foo bar]]

A foo bar ...

Note also that the image should be inside the section it belongs to (after the header and after any links to other articles), and not just before the header for similar reasons.

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