The CSS azimuth property provides a natural way to tell several voices apart, as in real life (people rarely all stand in the same spot in a room). Stereo speakers produce a lateral sound stage. Binaural headphones or the increasingly popular 5-speaker home theater setups can generate full surround sound, and multi-speaker setups can create a true three-dimensional sound stage. VRML 2.0 also includes spatial audio, which implies that in time consumer-priced spatial audio hardware will become more widely available. The ideal listening position is considered to be perfectly facing the main sound reproduction source(s) at an optimal distance. This property describes the radial position (360 degree measure) on this listening plane. An imaginary axis can be drawn straight ahead of the listener with the imaginary line serving as the origin. Rightward angle measures are positive and leftward, negative.


Value Description
inherit Explicitly sets the value of this property to that of the parent.
left-side Same as 270 degrees or -90 degrees.
far-left Same as 300 degrees or -60 degrees.
left Same as 320 degrees or -40 degrees.
center-left Same as 340 degrees or -20 degrees.
center Same as 0 degrees.
center-right Same as 20 degrees or -340 degrees.
right Same as 40 degrees or -320 degrees.
far-right Same as 60 degrees or 300 degrees.
right-side Same as 90 degrees or -270 degrees.
leftwards Counter-clockwise 20 degrees from an inherited or absolute reference angle.
rightwards Clockwise 20 degrees from an inherited or absolute reference angle.
<angle> Refers to an angle off of the reference line in the sound stage plane (-360 to 360 degrees). 0deg is directly ahead of the listener, 90deg (-270deg) is to the right, 180deg (-180deg) behind, and 270deg (-90deg) to the left.

HTML example:

<p style="azimuth:45deg;">Text from the right.</p>

CSS example:

p {

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