The void HTML <base /> element specifies the base URL to use for all relative URLs contained within a document. Only one <base /> element is allowed in an HTML document. If multiple <base /> elements are specified, only the first href and target values are used; all others are ignored.


Attribute Value Description
href URL This attribute specifies the base URL to be used throughout the document for relative URL addresses.
target _blank
For documents containing frames, this attribute specifies the default target window for every link that does not have an explicit target reference. Aside from named frames, several special values exist. A value of _blank indicates a new window. A value of _parent indicates the parent frame set containing the source link. A value of _self indicates the frame containing the source link. A value of _top indicates the full browser window.

HTML example:

<base target="_blank" href="" /> 


The <base> element does not have a visual rendering.

Typical CSS representation

base {
  display: none;

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