The void HTML <br /> element represents a line break, shifting the text or objects included after it to a new line. Multiple <br /> elements will cause multiple line breaks. To set a block of text apart as a paragraph, use <p></p>.


Global attributes

See Global HTML Attributes.

The global attribute style combined with the CSS clear property allows the following content to be cleared from the left, right, or from both.


<br style="clear:left;" />
TEXT cleared to the left.

This is really useful when there is an element before the break which causes the break to happen on the right side of that element. Clearing to the left allows the content to be cleared below said element, not beside it.


HTML example:

        <title>The title</title>
    First line of text.
    <br />
    Second line of text following a break.


User agents start the text flow on a new line when they come across the <br> element.

Typical CSS representation

The <br> element is one of the very few that does not typically have a CSS representation.

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