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Camino is a free, open source, GUI-based Web browser based on Mozilla's Gecko layout engine and specifically designed for the Mac OS X operating system. In place of an XUL-based user interface used by most Mozilla-based applications, Camino uses Mac-native Cocoa APIs.

As Camino's aim is to integrate as well as possible with the Mac OS, it uses the Aqua user interface and integrates a number of Mac OS X services and features such as the Keychain for password management and Bonjour for scanning available bookmarks across the local network. Other notable features include an integrated pop-up blocker and ad blocker, and tabbed browsing that includes an overview feature allowing tabs to be viewed all at once as pages.

The browser is developed by the Camino Project, a community organization. Mike Pinkerton has been the technical lead of the Camino project since Dave Hyatt moved to the Safari team at Apple Inc. in mid-2002.

Version compatibility

Operating system Latest version Gecko release
Mac OS X v10.1 0.8.5 1.7.6[1]
v10.2.8 1.0.6[2]
v10.3.0 1.5.5[3]
v10.3.9 1.6.11[4]
v10.4 2.0.5[5]
v10.5 2.0.5
v10.6 2.0.5



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