The HTML <colgroup></colgroup> element defines a group of columns within a <table> element. The start tag may be omitted, if it has a <col /> element as its first child and if it is not preceded by a <colgroup> whose end tag has been omitted. The end tag may be omitted, if it is not followed by a space or a comment.


Attribute Value Description
bgcolor color This non-standard attribute defines the background color of each cell within the column group. A valid color name or color code is used as the value.
span positive integer This attribute contains a positive integer indicating the number of additional consecutive columns to apply the attributes of the <col /> element. If not present, its default value is 0.
Global Attributes

See Global HTML Attributes.

HTML example:

<table border="1" width="400">
<col align="center" width="150" />
<col align="right" />
<td>This column is aligned to the center.</td>
<td>This one is aligned to the right.</td>

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