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Destroy the Web is a game add-on for Firefox, built specifically to take advantage of the new features introduced in Firefox 3.5. A first of its kind, the goal in the game is to destroy each and every Web page, competing for the high score against players around the world![1] It was created by the add-on developer Jose Enrique Bolaños (jose.bolanos) because he was not satisfied with the current games available for Firefox.[2] This game can teach users about the layout of web pages, allowing them to be familiar with the basics of web design, like knowing what some of the basic elements are. Remember, the outcome is always unpredictable...[3]

"I strived to create a game in such a way that it would be well integrated with the actual browsing experience. Unlike the rest of those games, Destroy the Web can be played against any page in the Web, causing the outcome to always be different."[4]

The description on the add-on page states:

Turn any webpage into a shoot-em up video game. With a pulse pounding soundtrack and high scores for every web page, Destroy the Web is a fun way to take a little break during the day.

The current stable version is version 1.1.1[5], released on October 13, 2010. This add-on works only in Firefox 3.5 and later.

This add-on also won the Extend Firefox 3.5 Contest[6], and is a featured add-on on the Mozilla add-on site.


Destroy the Web allows users to turn any web page into a video game where all the elements on the web page can be shot to earn points. Each different element awards a different amount of points. Usually, text contained within the <p> element cannot be shot until the links or other elements surrounding it are cleared first.

Each game takes 30 seconds, and if you manage to clear out the entire page before time runs out, you earn bonus points in the end. If you hit every target without missing, you earn the No Miss Bonus.[7] That's not all, if you miss, you will lose 5 points for every miss that occurs. So don't keep spamming clicks everywhere unless you're sure everything in that area will grant you points. Also, once some elements are destroyed, others will shift around, so you must predict where the next items are, or you'll end up missing a bunch of them.

A suggested strategy to earn the most points possible in the small amount of time given is to aim for the images and links on the page. A page with many links will give you many points if they are hit consecutively. Images also add a lot of points to your score.

When spamming clicks on a huge area filled with links, it is known as the "Click Trick".[8]

To start destroying a website, press the Destroy the Web button in your toolbar. It is next to the address bar on the left.
DtW-Toolbar Button

There is also an option in the add-on menu which allows another button to be placed on the status bar (lower right corner of the browser). Status Bar Example

Once the button is clicked, you will be given 4-5 seconds before the actual shooting starts.

During the game, you can click the button again the stop the game. Your score will not be kept.

Gameplay Screenshots


Your total score is shown in the end in the form of a chart, listing the number of each element you hit. The elements accounted for in the score are:

There is also a Time Bonus that will only be applied if you finished before time ran out.

On the bottom of the chart there are two options which allow you to submit your score or to dismiss your score as a bad result. By clicking on the "Submit" button, a page will appear allowing you to enter a username you want to use, and an optional password. By entering the password, you will lock your username, so others cannot use it. The next time you enter that same username, you will need to provide the password in order to use it.

All your score you submit can be viewed when you click on your username which links to your player data[9]. You can view the number of games played, total score, average score, and your overall rank. The higher number of points earned in each game will increase your rank, but if you've played many games but earned a low amount of points in most of them, your rank will go down.

DtW-Player Data-SSgtGriffin

Example of your player data.

All your games will be listed individually, with the web site you destroyed, and the score you got from it. The will be placed with the highest scores on top, followed by the next highest until the lowest score has been reached.

A global leaderboard can be accessed which ranks players from all over the world. The current top score is 399 995 by DarkBunny, who destroyed

Game Preferences

This game has several preferences to choose from in the add-on menu. You can:

  • Enable/disable music (disabling is not recommended because the music is awesome[10])
  • Add a Destroy the Web button in your status bar (for those who prefer to have it there)
  • Change the quality of the explosions (high, medium, low, no animation)


DtW-Download Toolbar

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  8. Invented by SSgtGriffin.
  9. Check out the DtW template to easily link to your own player data page.
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