KHTML is the HTML layout engine developed by the KDE project. It is the engine used by the Konqueror web browser. A forked version of KHTML called WebKit is used by several web browsers, among them Safari and Google Chrome. Distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, KHTML is free software.

Built on the KPart framework and written in C++, KHTML has relatively good support for Web standards. To render as many pages as possible, some extra abilities and quirks from Internet Explorer are also supported, even though those are non-standard.



KHTML was preceded by an earlier engine called khtmlw or the KDE HTML Widget, which implemented support for HTML 3.2, HTTP 1.0, and HTML frames, but not the W3C DOM, CSS, or scripting.

KHTML came into existence on November 4, 1998, as a copy of the khtmlw library, with some slight refactoring and the addition of Unicode support plus changes to support the move to Qt 2.

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