The CSS layout-grid property is a shorthand property used to set the layout-grid-mode, layout-grid-type, layout-grid-line, layout-grid-char, and layout-grid-char-spacing properties using a single property notation. It is used because Asian languages often employ page layout for characters to achieve better visual formatting using a one or two-dimensional grid. Each value is separated by a white space.


Value Description
<layout-grid-mode> See layout-grid-mode for values.
<layout-grid-type> See layout-grid-type for values.
<layout-grid-line> See layout-grid-line for values.
<layout-grid-char> See layout-grid-char for values.
<layout-grid-char-spacing> See layout-grid-char-spacing for values.

HTML example:

<div style="layout-grid:both loose 15px 15px 2cm;">
Content snapped to a layout grid.</div>

CSS example:

div {
     layout-grid:both loose 15px 15px 2cm;

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