The CSS marquee-play-count property specifies how many times the content moves. User agents should restart the loop count every time the element turns from completely invisible into (fully or partially) visible. E.g., an element that is outside the viewport starts moving when it is scrolled into view.

A user agent may also take the visibility of the user agent viewport itself into account, e.g., if the element is hidden behind a pop-up window or if the user agent is iconified.

If marquee-play-count is different for different states of the element, e.g., p {marquee-play-count: 0} p:hover {marquee-play-count: infinite}, the loop counter must be reset each time the element enters a state with a different computed value.


Value Description
<number> A positive number which specifies the number of times the marquee will loop. The initial value is 1. If the number is greater than 16, the user agent may stop the loops after 16 loops.
infinite The marquee loops infinitely, or the user agent may stop it after 16 loops.

HTML example:

<div style="marquee-play-count:2;">

CSS example:

div {

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