The text-autospace property is used in CSS and certain HTML elements. This property controls the autospacing and narrow space width adjustment behavior of text. Ideographs are used in many Asian writing systems to represent concepts rather than letters or phonetic strings, and their interpretation may be context-sensitive. This property allows for spacing rules to take into account the presence of ideographs in document content.


  • none - No extra spacing is added.
  • ideograph-alpha - Creates extra spacing between ideographic character groups and non-ideographic text (such as Latin-based, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, or Hebrew content).
  • ideograph-numeric - Creates extra spacing between groups of ideographic text and numeric characters.
  • ideograph-parenthesis - Creates extra spacing between a normal (non-wide/half-width) parenthesis and ideograph characters.
  • ideograph-space - Extends the width of the space character when it is adjacent to ideographs.

HTML example:

<div style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric;">This is numeric 123 and English 123 content. Imagine that the English has ideographic characters within, and you would get the idea of this property.</div>

CSS example:

h1 {

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