I just sent the following message via email to request some links from the Mozilla Directory and the Mozilla Developer Network, not that I have very high hopes of them agreeing to link. I'm posting it here to ignite some discussion about improvements we could make to the message for other sites.

Hi, I'm trying to find relevant sites which would benefit from wiki-style documentation of HTML and CSS, and am curious whether a link to such a resource is appropriate for the Mozilla Directory and/or the Mozilla-specific documentation wiki at the Mozilla Developer Network. The HTML & CSS Wiki is at and we're focusing on a best-practices approach to Web authoring.

I think this is relevant and beneficial to both the Directory and the Developer Network because we are independent of any browser and can therefore focus on what works across the board rather than documenting one browser. However browser documentation is also necessary and we will be linking to it in addition to the standards.

It is a very young wiki so many articles are missing and links to browser documentation had not yet been considered, but the wiki software is our advantage over other efforts to document Web standards - my solution to a personal peeve against references and tutorials which contain errors and outdated information.

If this is a good idea, I would also like to suggest the related JavaScript Wiki which has similar goals for cross-browser ECMAScript and already extensively references both the MDN and the MSDN, along with the ECMAScript and W3C DOM standards.

Thanks for your time,

Update (July 1, 2010): One of the webmasters replied (woohoo!) and stated that, while it's not appropriate for the Directory, which is for official Mozilla resources, he thought it was a good idea for the Developer Network and referred me here and here. The first seems more relevant IMO, but I posted to both anyway here and here. Go and vote us up!

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