The CSS voice-family property indicates a comma-separated, prioritized list (left to right in decreasing priority) of specific and/or generic voice family names. At least one specific or general voice family must be given and it is wise to include a generic voice family as well in case the user does not have any of the specific voices listed. If no match is made, the browser default voice family should be used.


Value Description
inherit Explicitly sets the value for this property to that of the parent.
male A generic male voice.
female A generic female voice.
child A generic child voice.
<specific voice> This value is a string identifying a specific voice on the user's system. Names containing white spaces should be quoted.

HTML example:

<strong style="voice-family:'Bob Barker', 'Monty Hall', male;">Tell her what she's won!!</strong>

CSS examples:

strong {
        voice-family:"Bob Barker", "Monty Hall", male;
h1 { 
    voice-family:announcer, male; 

p.part.romeo { 
              voice-family:romeo, male; 

p.part.juliet { 
               voice-family:juliet, female; 

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